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At Premier we are here to help with ALL of your trailer needs.  That includes Sales, Service, Parts, Rentals and......Questions.  Please take a look at our most commonly asked questions and answers. If you are not seeing the answer to your question, click our email address and reach out to us.  We may even add your question to this page!

Sales FAQ

Technical FAQ

Technical FAQ

What is the difference between Spring Axle and Torsion Axle? Which one do I want?

Anwswer: Leaf spring axles are the most common configuration and in some applications the most desirable.

Leaf Spring

Leaf Spring Pro’s: 

  • Spring Equalizer provides even weight distribution.  
  • More affordable on new build.
  • Easy to find when axle replacement is required.
  • Cheaper to repair.

Leaf Spring Con’s: 

  • Spring shackles and bolts can wear over time.
  • Leaf springs can break.
  • Less clearance to the ground.

Torsion Axles

Torsion Axle Pro’s:

  • Dependable
  • Quiet/Smoother ride
  • No metal on metal contact
  • Offers trailer rigidity as axle is bolted to the trailer
  • Increases handling control in crosswinds/rough roads
  • Maintenance free (except wheel bearing lubrication)

Torsion Axle Con’s

  • Not repairable
  • Costs more to replace
  • Severely bent axle can damage trailer frame
  • No impact distribution.
  • Rubber is temperature sensitive. 
  • Very sensative to the trailer being level. 3" high or low in the front can equal 400% more weight on one axle.
  • Driving on uneven surfaces will put entire load on one axle. (No Equalizer)

Should I buy Steel frame or Aluminum frame?

Answer: Common question!  Some have a preference and like the idea of a trailer that will never rust. But there is a trade off, cost!  When does it make sense?  If you are buying a smaller trailer like a 6x12, the weight savings is only a few hundred pounds and if the steel frame is undercoated there is minimal risk.  
When considering a larger trailer the weight savings can be a fair amount more. For example a 28ft trailer can mean up to 1500 lbs.  

The integrated brake controller on my truck says Trailer Not Connected but the lights are working.  What is causing this?

Answer: When connected to the 7 way connector your truck is looking for a completed circuit to the electric brakes.  There could be a poor connection at the axles or one of the brake magnets is weak/defective causing the truck to set a fault. Its a good idea to check the 7 way connector for corrosion. Its possible for the brakes to work on a aftermarket controller yet the OEM controller still sets a fault.

The light will not turn on inside my trailer. How does it get its power?

Answer: If your trailer has a 4 pin connector, your interior light receives its power from the parking light circuit on your vehicle.  If your trailer uses a 7 way connector, your interior light will get its power from the charge line.  Many vehicles come from the factory with the fuse or relay removed.  Check your owners manual or your local dealer. Some vehicles will also require the key to be on or the driver in the seat.

How often should I grease the wheel bearings?

Answer:  It is a good idea to check the bearings at the beginning of the season.  An inspection should be performed and bearings greased every 5,000 - 7,000 miles. Don't forget to check brake adjustment.

Sales FAQ

When I view inventory on your website, what does On Order and Special Order mean?

We have several status indicators to help with your shopping experience. Please see below for definitions:

Available - This particular stock number is on our lot and available for purchase.

On Order - This particular trailer is On Order for our stock and scheduled to be at our facility soon or this item is available at one of our manufacturers.

Special Order - This particular trailer configuration is available by Special Order Only. Please contact a Sales Professional for assistance

Pending Sale - We currently have a deposit on this item, please feel free to contact us if you want to be on notice if the sale does not go thru.

Sold - Sorry, this one already found a new home but don't hesitate to contact our Sales Professional for current built times to get you one just like it

Do you offer Financing?

Answer: Yes we do offer financing thru several lenders.  Our sales professional will align you with a lender that is best fit for your needs (personal or business) and the type of trailer being financed.  It is our goal to get you the best rate while keeping the process simple.  Feel free to fill out a loan app and we will do the rest!

Do you take Credit Cards?

Answer: Yes we do accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express.  If a trailer purchase is being paid for in full with a credit card, at 2.5% fee will apply. For deposits up to 10% and all Service, Parts, & Rental purchases there is no fee.

Are Deposits Refundable?

Answer: Deposits for custom orders and stock are non-refundable.  Special accomodations my be considered on a case by case basis and will be based on several factors of the order and where we are in the order process.     

How do I order a Custom Trailer?

Answer:  We work diligently every day to make your custom trailer order the easiest and smoothest purchase you ever make.  The first step will be to sit with your Sales Professional and discuss your application, trailer type, disired features, etc.  When both parties are satisfied with the details of the order we will require a 10% deposit (possibly higher for very unique builds).   If the order requires a print we will forward the print and order for final sign off once engineering has completed. The trailer is then scheduled for build and we will call you when it comes off line.  Please Note: Order times are from the time of deposit received not from time of verbal confirmation.

Still have a question?  Email us info@premiercustomtrailers.com

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